Special Thanks We would like to thank our friend Bruno Chillemi,who helped us to re-create Grenadier blisters
Manor House Workshop Building, houses and castles in resin and chalk .Dioramas for 15, 25, 54 mm figures. Costruzioni, case, castelli in resina e gesso. Diorami per miniature 15, 25 e 54 mm
Manor House Workshop
Hirts Harts He makes and sells rubber models to build castles and dungeon for  wargames and RPG's . Produce e vende stampi per realizzare castelli, chiese e altri scenari per waragame e dungeon.
Hirts Harts
Medieval Weapons Online store offering medieval weapons, medieval armor and swords.
Medieval Weapons
COORTE Finally, there's a quarterly publication for Italian Military History, Militaria Collecting, Italian military Reenacting, Scale Modeling and Wargaming, published by ITALIAN FRONT GROUP - Publishing and Hobby
Steve Dean miniature painting A special thanks to Steve for letting us use some of his Grenadier miniatures pictures for our site. Steve Dean miniature paintings
Libreria Militare

Edizioni Libreria Militare
The Military Bookstore is aimed at divulgating the defence culture in Italy. We intend to be the link between market and specialized publishers, link that has been ignored or voluntarily mishandled for too much time in Italy.

Without distrusting large scale publishers, the first ambition of The Military Bookstore is to offer arts and military sciences specialists, security and defence fellows and any person interested in military sector, such as modelers or wargamers, a specialized service. This is possible thanks to the skills of the owners, that gathered many theoretical and practical experiences in the sphere of military activity and interest.

The Military Bookstore is the first bookstore exclusively dedicated to this field in Italy.

Thanks to the internet site, we intend to reach the whole national territory and the foreign customers offering them Italian publications and American, English, French and German publications.


The Military Bookstore is the first bookstore exclusively dedicated to this field in Italy An on-line armored vehicle showcase that also features related documents from the captured German war records collection at the U.S. National An on-line armored vehicle showcase Buy Medieval Armor and knights, Medieval costumes, clothes, shields, swords and Medieval weapons carry high quality renaissance clothing, dresses and pirate clothing medieval swords Darksword Armory is proud to offer battle ready medieval swords and Daggers to the SCA, LARP, and collectors of combat ready swords. Their medieval swords, armors and renaissance rapiers are collected throughout the world.. Darksword Armory Your free online magazine for all things games, historical, fantasy, sci fi, wargames, role playing games, trading / collectable card games, board games, live action role playing games, clubs, conventions, software, guides, painting, reviews, miniatures and more free games!, The primary focus of Wehrmacht History is on all military vehicles planes, ships, and weapons from 1935 to 1945 used by Heer (army), Luftwaffe (Airforce), Kriegsmarine (Navy), U-boats (Submarines), Waffen SS (Hitler's Elite), and secondary there Leaders.


Roebeast's Magical House of Sunshine


L'Araldo Fiorito


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An intersting Blog on the range War Bots.


Painting service of Historical and  fantasy miniatures, Heraldry, Shields for figthing

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