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The Bharat region is a long peninsula stretching from north to south in the equatorial zone of the eastern lands. The north is dominated by an impressive mountain range, while to the south the lands are hostile and deserted.

The Daitya Elves servants of the Adithya Gods were their inhabitants. They lived and prospered for many generations.  Their lives were very long-lived thanks to soma and amrita, food of the gods.  The Elves grew so powerful and numerous, in time they became a threat to other populations and even to the Gods themselves.

It was then that the Gods decided to intervene and put a stop to the power of the Elves, depriving them of the divine nourishment and thus drastically reducing the length of their lives.

This, however, generated a fierce war between the Elves and the Gods.

After fierce battles, the Gods won the war and the Elves found themselves split into two factions: those who swore loyalty to the Gods; and those who opposed them and were repudiated and banished to the desert lands of Bharat.

These outcasts became known as the "Dark Elves," for they came to follow evil Gods and found dwelling in the desert underground, sheltered from the hostilities of the wild nature of those lands, but above all, for their appearance, as their skin, hair, and even their eyes became dark.

There has been a great demand for old miniatures that were no longer available on the market. Now, thanks to the re-edition of these magnificent, revered series, they are available once again. By owning the American company’s original molds, Stefano has recast exactly the same miniatures that sold for many years. Mirliton final aim is to reproduce the entire glorious Grenadier Models series, still appreciated and desired by so many enthusiasts.

Since 2017 began a close collaboration with Crosslances Studio 3d digital sculptors, who introduce new technologies and styles of sculpture to the company.

Bringing so Mirliton to be a complete company with a look to the past and traditional sculpture and one to the future with new technologies of 3d printing, from historical to fantasy.

3D modeling opens a new era for the world of miniatures, the potential is enormous, and will allow us to achieve exceptional results, with unprecedented detail and definition in the sculptures.

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