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The kickstarter campaign has finally begun for the realization of our project on the re-edition of the historic Dragon Lords grenadier series.

To find out more, we invite you to visit our kickstarter page

E' finalmente iniziata la campagna kickstarter per la realizzazione del nostro progetto sulla riedizione delle vecchie serie grenadier di Dragon Lords.

Per scoprire di più vi invitiamo a visitare la nostra pagina kickstarter




In the wake of the success of the  Demogorgon and the Dungeon & Dragons game played by the protagonists of the now famous hit series Stranger Things, interest was reignited in the old miniatures, let’s  call them"vintage", that have unparalleled charm. The sculpture style is markedly more Gothic and, paradoxically in a world of fantasy, closer to reality than the models sculpted today,.

Our project is therefore to recast all the old Grenadier series , starting with the best known: Dragon Lords.

The task of finding and cataloguing  has been titanic. We had to do a painstaking search among thousands of molds, looking for all the original masters. We go back to the early glorious days of  Grenadier, when the miniatures were still part of even older series like: Wizards and Warriors, Gamma World, Pinnacle, Andrew Chernak’s Fantasy Personalities - in short, a veritable miniature archeological expedition!  The work has been hard, but we did it. Even the appearance of the boxes has been recreated in the style of the old  Dragon Lords series. We are sure that collectors will gobble them up!!

To make this project possible, we have chosen the Kickstarer platform, which will soon be published and visible to all. So often visit our site, on which we will announce the launch of the campaign.



29/01/2018:  MILANO WARGAME 25 Febbraio

Via aspettiamo tutti al nostro stand a Milano Wargame 2018 il 25 di Febbraio.


22/12/2017:  DELIVERY DELAYS

Orders sent during this period may be delayed due to the large amount of shipments for Christmas gifts that the couriers have. So please be patient. The Mirliton company wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


15/12/2017:  MIND FLAYER

And now for the fans of Stranger Things came Mind Flayers, the evil mind of the very popular series of Netflik.

E adesso per gli appassionati di Stranger Things è arrivato Mind Flayers, la mente malefica della seguitissima  serie di Netflik.

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High Elf with Axe
High Elf with Axe
Early Russian 1054-1246
This and Teutonic boxes are my first experience in 15mm scal ..
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