New web site

Times passes even for good things.

as wrote before we're are going to renew our webiste, it has served well for 13 years, quite a record for an ecommerce, but it's time to move to something new. Better? We hope so.
Please be patient and feel free to submit any error you may find.

With the new version we decided to clean all our customers database, 13 years are a long time, many things changed even laws, we got a huge boost with last year GDPR EU privacy act.
You have to re-register again with your first new order.
Sorry for this inconvenience but we did this also to protect your data.

You may wonder: What will happen to my processing order and/or to the one did in this days and not yet shipped?
Don't worry, your order are safely stored in our local server, and we'll keep in touch directly with the customers involved.

Stay tuned for news in next months.

Collect, paint, play: have fun!!! 

We wish you a smooth transition to our new era.

Mirliton's staff.