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Fantasy Warriors Free Wargames Rules  Fantasy Warriors Free Wargame Rules Fantasy Warriors Free Wargame Rules
www.grenadier.it : Our first e-commerce site, will be from now dedicated to the glorius wold of Fantsy warriors

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With its simple but challanging rule systems, Fantasy Warriors wargames rules will let you fight exciting fantasy battles, full of insane heroism, low cunning and sudden death.

The objet of the game is simple - to defeat your enemy any tactics or strategem you you can find.

Game of large-scale fantasy warfare. Emphasis is on units and command control, but extraordinary individuals and horrendous monsters can make a difference. Combat is fast and deadly. Includes rules for time of day, boasts, omens, scouting, ammunition supply, and magic.

In Fantasy Warriors wargames rules there's much more to battle than launcing your army ia a head on attack - discover the perils and rewards of scouting, boasts, omens, threats and of course, magics.

Each player controls an army, headed by a warchief who issues orders to the troops under his command. Giving the right orders and changing them when the moment is right is the essence of generalship in Fantasy Warriors wargames rules.

How well will you do in the battle of wits between opposing players?

You can play the game with forces of any size, from small skirmishes of 20 or 40 figures a side to epic clashes between several armies containing hundreds of figures.

Miniature scale 25/28mm- Time scale is 2 hours per turn. Individual basing 25mm x 25mm (1" x 1") for infantry, 25mm x 50mm (1" x 2") for cavalry.

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